Only 4% of Kansas DCF Removals are the result of substantiated abuse.


Loveland, Colorado-  Let’s do the math here. If 6300 children are in DCF custody in the State of Kansas, and only 4% of those removals come with a substantiated finding of neglect or abuse from the subsequent investigation, how many children are in custody without the parents being substantiated for abuse or neglect? 6048. theresa freedTheresa Freed (Dcf Public affairs)

While Raymond Schwab was on his hunger strike Theresa Freed, Communications Director for DCF and propaganda mouthpiece, boasted that only four percent of children are removed because of substantiated findings of abuse or neglect.  So how does DCF get away with it?  Kansas DCF, in conjunction with the Juvenile Court system, often bullies parents into signing legal documents, workers or contractors Like St Francis commit perjury on the stand, and workers force parents, through threats and false promises, to sign away their rights or “Never see their children again”. They intentionally…

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