Kansas DCF secrecy…a danger to Children?



Last year, in conjunction with the Daily Haze, Free our Children released documents pertaining to the murder of a Child whom DCF failed to remove from an abusive home. You can review that story HERE (Click on Link).

Recently, the Kansas City Star released a stunning report concerning the death, and cover-up of another child which had died as the result of DCF negligence. Rather than come clean Phyllis Gilmore, and her agency tried to deceive the media, release only documents which painted them in a good light, and refused to allow themselves to be examined as to how they were complying with the law.

We believe that much of this neglect is planned neglect. Kids in abusive homes tend to have psychological disorders, PTSD and are difficult in placement thereby costing DCF money when they (DCF) have a tendency to go for the maximizing of Federal incentives, and the…

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