Anonymous Whistleblower Wants Kansas DCF Held Accountable


The Daily Haze has recently released a case file, provided by a source near DCF who insist Dept. of Children and Family Services is covering up negligence and abuse within its own system. The file involves as death of a child back in 2014. VIEW FULL ARTICLE

In a June 11, 2014 KAKE article the story read as follows.

   Joseph D. “Joey” Sponaugle, 27, is charged with first degree murder, child abuse, and child endangerment. A criminal complaint alleges Sponaugle killed a 4 month old, between January 11th and 14th.

The child’s mother, Brittani Figueroa, confirms that her ex-boyfriend was arrested yesterday for the death of their daughter.FULL ARTICLE HERE

According to this whistle blower DCF has a pattern of hiding evidence of homes where kids are actually being abused, while taking kids from healthy homes with no substantiated abuse. Not being able to live with their conscience…

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