‘Children as Currency’ I

Citizens Against CPS

‘Children as Currency I’    Revised 3-8-16 (shorter version 990 words)

Note separate article from ‘children as currency II’

By Patricia Mitchell

Millions of American families – parents and children – are being subjected to the injustices of what I can only describe as ‘Children as Currency’ policy practiced by Child Protective Services (CPS). Loving parents who find themselves in a vulnerable position are being targeted unfairly by CPS agencies and separated from their children as a way to stream income into local communities. Separated from their parents, many children go on to suffer abuse in foster care, ending up scarred for life.

CPS agencies need children in their foster care to meet their federal mandates. The federal funding is distributed to local communities, meaning the more children in the foster care system, the higher the paychecks for those involved. These funds extend to foster parents, teachers, attorneys, doctors, judges, therapists…

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