How much can one person stuff to the back of their mind?  How long can you run from their alternate reality?  As family members, we refuse to allow their reality to become OUR truth.  We push it aside, we refuse to confront it.  We fight against it and war on for our children’s freedom.  Then there’s the moments when the feelings break through.  The waves of tears can’t be held back.  We mourn and grieve for what is being stolen from us.  But, we have to move on.  We have to push forward.  There is no time to allow the agony of our child being ripped from our arms to consume us any longer.  We have to fight, and we have to fight with all that is in us.  The tyrants are holding our children hostage and we MUST be the ones that stand up and say GIVE ME MY KIDS BACK!  So, yes, cry a river for those babies, but then, get back in the fight and don’t succumb to THEIR alternate reality.


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