The Point Between Fighting and Feelings

One of the great downfalls for CPS is the determination and love that a family member will use to fight for what has been stolen from them.  But, for many family members, there comes a tipping point between feelings and fighting.  Some can get to such a despondent place that they feel like there is no hope, that there is no justice, that there is only arrow, after ruthless arrow, being shot their way.  For many that leads to giving up.  To submitting to what the “court” has doled out to them.  That is the hope of those running this scam.  And, that, is what all of the warriors have to fight against.  Not only are we fighting against the system, but we are fighting against our own weaknesses.  To me, there is nothing greater to fight for.  Once you get past the feelings of sorrow, you must push on with the feelings of doing what is right.  Not only for yourself, but for your children, and their children to come.  Not only for your own family, but for all the families out there that are fighting this same monster.  Don’t give up.  They may win a battle here and there, but don’t give up.  Keep fighting to win the war.

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